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Disval is located 30 minutes from Valencia, one of the cities with the highest international progression, which fascinates millions of visitors each year. We have grown next to Valencia, since 1993. It was then, when after 25 years of experience in the field of bakery machinery, Angel Martinez Pons, Disval decided to create a small family business, which has evolved without losing its roots.


Proof of this, is the increasing expansion of our exports in the early twenty-first century, we crossed the border into different point of Europe. In 2003, we arrived for the first time to the American continent, between 2005 and 2008, continued our conquest of Europe and America, reaching United States and opening the African market. Today Disval is fully adapted to different markets such as Asia, Europe, America and Africa. 37 countries on 4 continents, are testament to the reliability of our equipment and the quality of our service. The distributors of the various regions of the world where Disval operates, recognizes us, as the business sector with better relation between quality, service and price, which is why in recent times despite the major global recession, our turnover has not ceased to increase significantly each year.


Since the beginning of Disval, our customers have been able to assess what distinguishes us from the competition, reliability in the delivery and quality of our after-sales service. Because our commitment does not end at the time of the sale, quite the contrary, then starts a relationship whose goal is the constant search for the satisfaction of our customers anywhere in the planet.

We like to transfer our concept of our family business also to customer, so we always try to establish with him a trusting relationship, talking face to face, in order to better meet their needs.


Disval, specializes in the design and manufacture of machinery for small and medium bakery, as dividers, intermediate chambers and formers.<br />Disval, only uses high quality components, thus offers 2-year warranty, the maximum under the European Community.


The range of machinery developed by Disval, includes bread making, from the kneading process until the fermentation. With our volumetric divider system, we get a very accurate weight, wwithout punishing the dough too much. Our prefermentation camera with a wide range of capabilities, allow us to prepare the dough for the forming process. The different types of trainers that manufactures Disval, guarantee an extraordinary result in all formats.


In this evolving global society, Disval, specializes in always being a step ahaed to market changes. Our equipment adapts quickly to current and future needs of our customers, studying each individual case, to offer the best service in the shortest time possible. Our extensive experience in dealing with clients from different cultures and markets, gives us an overview of our industry and can accurately predict which path will continue in following years.


The responsibility and dedication that has always characterized our company, is now enriched with youth, dynamism and adaptability to different markets, which drives the second generation, which currently runs Disval. Always with a strong premise, marked by our founder, commitment to the customer, is our greatest guarantee of success.


Each year we improve our products, with all the advances in the industry, expanding our facilities and establishing rigorous quality control processes in each of our machines

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